Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to be a strategic business partner with each of our clients by leveraging our expertise and experience to provide innovative, responsive, and cost-effective legal solutions. We understand that the law is a means to accomplish our clients’ business objectives, not an end in itself. Our clients are business people, principally in the technology sector, whose challenges we view first and foremost as business challenges.

We are known for the quality of our legal advice and our ability to find the best, and often most innovative, solution because we listen to our clients, take the time to learn about their business needs, and understand their business environments.

Our success is measured ultimately by the capability, spirit, and effort of our people. We will continue to build the resources and expertise most critical to our clients, whether they are entrepreneurs, emerging companies, universities, or multinational corporations. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and prosper in their dynamic business environments and utilization of intellectual property rights.

Results-Oriented Practice

Patti & Malvone Law Group, LLC stresses, and its clients rightfully expect, excellent results. To that end, we apply ingenuity, pragmatic strategies, and hard work. We recognize our success depends on close coordination with, and satisfaction of, our clients.

Our attorneys meet regularly with clients to set objectives, including development of budgets for attorney time and major expense items. We initiate periodic review sessions with clients to measure progress against objectives and ensure each client’s objectives and needs are being met.

The Firm bases its commitment to client service on intimate knowledge of the requirements and objectives of each client. The Firm seeks a long-term, partnering relationship with each client to provide the best total solution for the client’s legal service needs. The Firm’s goal is to be an instrumental part of each client’s success.